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We help Founders find



How it


1. Write us an email (dfj@founderlake.com) with a short description on your current situation

2. We get back to you in 72 hours with an initial feedback on whether we can potentially help you find a great co-founder

3. We meet up or do a zoom call to get to know each other and talk about your requirements and the profile of your ideal co-founder

4. We enter into a search agreement - we work for 2.5% of the to be incorporated company (success-based)

5. We search for your co-founder and help you with interviews to identify the ideal co-founder

6. We work with you to help you build a great company with your co-founder

Benefits for founders


We will put you in front of the right candidate within

2-4 weeks


We provide you with feedback on pitches, org strategy and fundraising plans


A startup is only as good as its founders - we help you maximize your chances


We have an intrinsic motivation to see our equity grow - we will leverage our network


We invest in you as a founder pre-team and pre-company; we only do that very selectively


We will help you to get to funding in a faster and more efficient manner

Our Vision

We want to become a leading contributor to the European startup ecosystem by creating a new funnel and investor for startups that define our era

We want to do that by:

#1: Helping founders find the right co-founders in return for equity

#2: Providing on-demand operational support to founders 

#3: Creating a VC fund to support founders up until the point when they exit

To get the ball rolling, we will start with helping founders find co-founders in Germany: One founder at a time!

OUR Beliefs


Many founders have great ideas but struggle to find the right co-founder to build great companies


Finding a co-founder is a lengthy and inefficient process 


Helping founders to find the right co-founder will unlock significant value


Forcing founders to undergo a structured company builder / accelerator is not an attractive option for founders who have a proven professional experience

That is why we are building Founderlake

About Founderlake


Match Maker

We leverage our network and know-how from our recruiting / executive search work for startups, growth companies and bluechip companies at Digital Eleven

Sparring Partner 

We work very closely with founders to help them get comfortable with their co-founder, vision and roadmap


We provide our co-founder search in return for equity, therefore we become the first investor in the companies of the founders we work with

About the founders

We have built three companies - partly alone, partly together. The learnings have been similar and we want to use that knowledge to help founders build great companies


Cassy has over 10 years of experience in the field of executive search, tech recruiting and management consulting. Cassy learned her trade at Digital McKinsey and holds a Master's Degree in Management from LSE


Daniel has over 10 years of experience in building, advising and financing digital businesses: He started out his career Barclays Capital in TMT M&A and ECM and holds a MBA from INSEAD

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